What Time is Worship?
We have two worship services on Sunday morning. Our Contemporary Service begins at 9:30 a.m.
and our Traditional service begins at 11:30 a.m.
Both services are family-friendly and have nursery care available.

Weren’t You Called Magnolia United Methodist Church Before?
Yes, we were! The leadership of our church made the decision to change our name as a result of Magnolia and Hope United Methodist Churches merging together. This isn’t the first time our church’s name has changed. Our records indicate that our church has been known by three previous names, so we are confident you’ll still experience great ministry and friendly people!

What Should I Wear?
We’re pretty casual.  Jeans are fairly common on Sunday mornings, but if you like to dress up a little, you’ll find that others do, too.  You probably won’t, however, find very many people in a tie.

What is Orchard Church Like?
Every Sunday morning Worship Gathering is built around a single point or “bottom line.” We sing hymns that are projected on the wall as they teach us about our faith. There’s usually a message, prayer, and we celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month. We have a wide range of ages of people who worship with us.

How Long Does Sunday Worship Last?
Our worship gathering lasts about 60 minutes, give or take a few minutes.

What Kind of Church is Orchard Church?
Orchard Church is a United Methodist Congregation.  We are part of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference, which is part of the larger United Methodist Church.  The United Methodist Church has a long and proud tradition which we seek to express in fresh and exciting ways.

What’s Your Pastor Like?
He’s just a regular guy, who rarely wears suits (unless of course, he’s marrying someone or doing a funeral).  Steve has served as an associate pastor/youth pastor/worship leader (before coming to Orchard Church) and is formally trained (B.A., Asbury College, and Masters of Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary), but as he will tell you, he learned more about how to be a pastor by hanging out with middle school kids and listening about their hopes, dreams, struggles and fears than by going to seminary. He was previously the pastor of Hope United Methodist Church for six years before the two churches merged together. Steve loves to play and watch sports, listen to music and spend time outdoors with his family.  He attempts to play golf but realizes it can be hazardous to his spiritual life.  He and his wife, Andrea, have two daughters and two sons (Abbie, Chloe, Malachi, and Caleb).