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A Note From Pastor Robyne

Hello friends,
Traffic is beginning to pick up, so that tells me, summer is right around the corner. Summer is a wonderful time to relax and breathe. Life was never meant to be lived in the fast lane. I believe it is important to find a way to take a break when you are able. Even Jesus took time to get away from the people for rest and fellowship with His Father so it would seem this would be an example we should follow.
With all that said, I would like to encourage each and every one to continue in faithful support both prayerfully and financially during these summer months. Finances are a bit more “interesting” during this time of year. Many who are regular in their giving either stop or hold back a bit during the summer months. I believe God is faithful! His faithfulness is not only for our benefit, but also serves as our example to be faithful in all areas as well.

Sunday we begin, Re-Shaped. The message is, You were made for this!
I hope this series, will bring you back to the days when a tub of Play-Doh could spark your imagination and all things felt possible! As we age, somehow the Play-Doh of our Lives gets cracked and dry and less malleable. We become suspicious of change as we start to believe that “the way things are” is the safest choice. But often “what is” starts to crumble and if we look closely at what the Creator set in motion, we find that change is the most constant part of life. Change is inevitable and necessary for stirring our spirits as we find renewed purpose throughout life.

Don’t forget to support our fund raiser at Magnolia Diner tomorrow, Friday May 24, 11-close. A percentage of all sales will go to Orchard Church. Also, there is a VBS meeting following worship.

See you Sunday at 10am
God bless you all.
Pastor Robyne

Order of Worship

May 26, 2024 10:00am

Opening Songs: "Come Now is the Time to Worship"


Call to Worship
Leader: We come with praise
for the wonderful works of God.
People: Even before we speak,
God knows us completely.
Leader: The Holy One knows us and sustains us,
even in our moments of confusion and doubt.
People: Who can count the thoughts of God?
They are more than all the sands of the desert.
Leader: Like clay in the hand of the potter,
we are shaped into vessels of divine will.
All: We come with praise
for the wonderful works of God.

Opening Prayer:
Creator God, you sit at the Potter’s Wheel and continue to fashion
beautiful things.Open us to your ongoing re-shaping of our lives and help us believe that we are capable of change.Calm our fears, and animate our spirits for this time of discovery. Amen.

Children's Time

Song: TFWS #2152 "Change My Heart O God"

Prayer for Illumination:
Holy Shaper of hearts and minds,
as Jeremiah came to know you
in the work of the potter’s hands,
teach us your ways
in the reading of your word.
Lead us into a deeper understanding of your ways,
that we may know and do your will. Amen.

Sermon Series: Re-Shaped
Message: “We Were Made for This”
by, Rev. Robyne Mayer
Scripture: Jeremiah 18: 1-6

Song: UMH #393 "Spirit of the Living God"

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Mighty Creator, all of creation is a tapestry proclaiming your love and mercy,. We bring gifts to you this morning, not as restitution for past mercies or prepayment for future favor, but as a celebration of your love and care for us and all creation. Dedicate these gifts that they might bring love and compassion, that they might help heal your creation, and help us more resemble the people you desire us to be. In Christ, we pray. Amen.

Closing Hymn: TFWS #2140 "Since Jesus Came into My Heart"


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Sermon Series -May 26, 2024

Starting Sunday May 26 10amWeek 1 - “We Were Made for This”Week 2 - "Inside Out"Week 3 - "Everything Changes" Week 4 - “Be En-Couraged”

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